You are in need of a highly efficient security system that guarantees a comprehensive and robust means of protecting your information assets in data centers from accidents, natural disasters, vandalism, theft, and other incidents and catastrophes. For this, enterprise security involves having both physical as well as technical security, and we at Networx offer both to enable you to have strong confidence in managing your IT and business operations.

Networx provides you with a dedicated mix of security tools that can manage physical security through mantraps, bollards, access control systems, and surveillance systems. This will be essential for safeguarding.

For physical security, our facilities utilize a dedicated mix of security tools from mantraps, bollards, surveillance systems, and access control systems. This will be crucial for fortifying your premises from intruders and prevent key information assets free from the hands of criminal activities as well as from catastrophes due to natural or man-made causes.

Our technical security covers installing quality pro-active systems and counter-measures in place to avoid the possibilities of data loss or corruption. We tailor our enterprise-grade tools and security solutions to the meet the needs of both private and public enterprises through a variety of authorization processes and protocols, including multi-factor authentication. This ensures that only authorized staff members are given permission to access data center facilities.

We also understand that the security requirements for each enterprise vary. This is why we strive to make our security capabilities and solutions flexible so that can be easily adjusted according to your needs and fulfill your expectations. We work with you closely to make your data center facilities have the most efficient and robust security systems.

Among the data centers we offer are SUPERNAP data centers. The SUPERNAP 8 data center, for instance, is credited with Uptime Institute and has obtained its Tier IV Golf Operational Sustainability Certificate. The switch SUPERNAP 9, furthermore, has also gained widespread industry recognition by winning the Tier IV Design Certificate, Tier IV Constructed Facility Certificate, and the Tier IV Gold Operational Sustainability Certificate.


Our collocation facilities offer cooling, power, space, and physical security features for the storage, server, and networking equipment of other firms. These are connected to a number of telecommunications equipment and network service providers easily and at low cost.

Collocation has grown dramatically in importance, especially for firms that need a sufficient amount of tools and equipment to fulfill their IT needs. Through collocation, companies can secure multiple advantages, one of which is saving a considerable amount of time arranging logistical support for the work, and instead allowing the IT staff to focus exclusively on the number of hours worked.

Other benefits include attaining significant scale advantages through having very large mechanical and power systems that range between 4500 and 9500 square meters, which equates to a range of 50,000 to 100,000 square feet.

The following presents a detailed list of collocation benefits that firms can achieve:

The collocations facilities are offered to businesses on a term-basis, usually via contract as a retail rental business. Here are a few features:

In addition, redundant systems are also offered to help mitigate the problems when equipment and devices fail. Furthermore, there are plenty of scale economies that firms can benefit as a result of having access to multiple small and medium-sized businesses in a one-facility network. These are as follows:

There are various kinds of collocations customers. These are:

In general, collocation services provide features such as physical security, power, and infrastructure; Clients, on the other hand, have access to their servers and storage facilities. Other than this, the facility space pertaining to rack, cage, or room is leased and various collocation data centers, nowadays, are increasing their services portfolio to include managed services that complement their client’s strategic business goals and objectives.

Although there are many reasons that encourage business owners to choose collocation instead of developing their own enterprise data centers, the most cause for their decision is CAPEX, or capital expenditures, which are linked to the construction of a large building or operating a computing facility.

Typically, collocation data centers were immensely popular with private companies, mainly because of its data recovery benefits. However, it is now being utilized by cloud service providers a lot more frequently.

In addition, collocation is an extremely efficient solution for some enterprises, though there are certain drawbacks. The higher the distance in moving and manually touching devices, the greater tend to be travel costs. In these circumstances, clients that use collocation services are locked in long-term contracts, which prevent them from the possibility of re-negotiating prices when they experience operational difficulties.

For this reason, it is essential that companies evaluate their collocation service level agreements (SLAs) to judge whether they are in a position to oversee and manage a lack of cash and funds due to unexpected hidden charges.

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